The following words were written by Debbie Gergely and can also be found in the History book  Richmound's Heritage continues...There are many many other stories such as this one in the book ranging in scope from family histories to the Richmound Curling Rink. The book is available at many locations in town for $20.


The Richmound Rockets have been in the Sask-Alta league since its inception in 1951 and every year since; that is, 47 consecutive years. We are the only team to have played every year. In the early years, they won the league championship trophy in 1952, ‘53, ‘54, ‘S5, ‘59 and ‘6l. In 1954, after their third consecutive championship, they were allowed to keep the championship trophy, which remains in Richmound today. From 1986 to 1998, the Rockets have made the playoffs every year. We have been close, but never able to win the hardware, the championship trophy; not like the glory years. The Rockets have won the pennant trophy, in 1963 with a record of 7-3 and in 1994 with a record of 6-3-1.

The interest in baseball seems to have declined the increasing interest in slo—pitch. We now find we have to draw players from other communities to be able to field a team.

Over the years, many Richmound people have been involved on the league executive. 

On September 1, 1991, the Sask-Alta league celebrated its 40”‘ anniversary in the community center at Richmound. The numbers were small due to perfect harvest weather, but enthusiastic. In attendance were players and umpires from Maple Creek, Richmound, Burstall, Leader, Medicine Hat HotShots, Hilda and Horsham. Les Benjamin, formerly of Richmound, was presented with a plaque for his initiative in organizing the league in the spring of 1951. Anniversary ribbons were presented and league booklets, containing interesting facts about the league, were made available. There was also a display of old uniforms, trophies and scrapbooks of each decade of league play.

Thirty-three teams have played in our league over the past 40 years. Some teams staying only one year, while others were in and out of the league, with name and player changes. Everyone enjoyed a tribute to baseball in its glory years.

In 1994, the Grant Ehnisz Memorial Trophy was established by the Sask-Alta League. A plaque was purchased which travels to the yearly award winner. This award is in memory of Grant Ehnisz a young ball player from the Mendham Monarchs who was killed in a tragic automobile crash. It has been presented “for outstanding dedication and sportsmanship in the Sask-Alta League”. The award winners have been: 1994, Ernie Moser of Mendham; 1995, Allan Marshall of Leader; 1996, Bill Stodalka of Medicine Hat; 1997, Ken May of Burstall; and 1998, Alex Fauth of Richmound.



1985 Rockets

1994 Pennant Rockets

Pennant Trophy

1993 Sports Day Poster